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Tips From A Luxury Concierge Service Pro

So, you are off to the middle east, more precisely Dubai – the most happening place with an incredible mix of business and pleasure. And if you want to experience the one-of-a-kind lifetime experience you need the help of some able luxury concierge(Dubai) who will ensure that you build memories that will last a lifetime.

Concierge service is that privilege that many people underuse either because of lack of knowledge about their services or because they feel they know everything about a place from browsing the internet!  In reality, the information on the net is minuscule when compared with the vast knowledge a concierge has about a place, its customs, hidden treasures and so much more. If you want to be a part of a satisfying vacation or a business trip don’t forget to seek the services of the concierge. Here are few tips on what a concierge can offer to make your trip a stress free and enjoyable experience.

Far from the madding crowd

Almost every place has tourist sites and experiences which are never covered by the routine tours. If you want to experience the hidden treasures of a place inform your concierge and they will organize a tour for you.l make it happen.

Gastronomical delight

On the same lines, some of the best restaurants and eateries may never find mention on TripAdvisor or any other rating system. Your concierge can not only take you to these little gems unknown to the regular traveler but can, in fact, arrange for gastronomical tours and even a dinner with a famed chef if you so desire.

The personal touch

Your personal concierges can become your man Friday should you wish to surprise your spouse, children or friends. They are innovative and have vast resources at their disposal. They have the power to get those light minute tickets to the concert, a sports event or even a reservation in a restaurant of your choice.

So, the next time you travel doesn’t forget to use the services of the concierge.

Is Diet Pills Any Good? Seven Ways You Can Be Certain

There are many kinds of weight loss solutions that include diet pills and natural supplements.These claim to help you lose weight, and work combined with other methods. The pills work in the following ways.

  1. The pills reduce appetite
  2. Reduce absorption of fats
  3. Improve metabolism and burn more calories

So how would you know that the diet pills that you are taking are working or not? So here are the ways that you can find out the truth behind the efficacy of the diet pills.

  1. You can see that you are feeling fuller for longer and your appetite is reduced.
  2. You feel more energetic and are able to work for longer.
  3. You do not crave for sweets or junk food as the serotonin levels are managed by the diet pills.
  4. You feel that you are losing weight gradually
  5. Some minor side effects are there, like flatulence or diarrhea, that goes away after some time.
  6. Your blood pressure and sugar are under control.
  7. Your BMI reduces gradually.

There are many diet pills available in the market. But it is very important to distinguish the right ones from the fake ones. These garcinia products will help you lose weight, but only if you follow all the instructions properly. The diet pills that are being sold in the market are of two types; one variety based on researches and experiments while others are just copies of successful existing products. This is the biggest difference that you need to look at when buying diet pills.

Once you are sure that you are buying the right diet pills then it is equally important to take the pills as instructed. Before or after food, frequency and duration are all significant in gradual reduction of weight that can be sustained for a long time. You do not want to reduce the weight in a very short span of time as that is harmful and will certainly be back sooner than you can imagine.

So keep the abovementioned points in mind while reducing weight and you can be sure to become fitter and healthier.

Testosterone Boosters Shortcuts

By the age of 80, the testosterone levels reduce to only 20% of what the level was in the younger days. The testosterone level starts to reduce gradually in the mid-thirties. It results in an increased risk of conditions like heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes.

The low levels of testosterone can lead to a loss of energy and also depression and anxiety. It can also reduce the sex drive.

But the news is not all that bad. There are ways in which the deficiency can be revered in order to restore the levels of testosterone that you had in your youth. Andall this is possible in a natural way without having to take any injections.

How to keep your testosterone levels high? To answer this question it is best that you visit a doctor who is knowledgeable. There are some methods that he would suggest to you to boost the level of testosterone naturally.

You need to first get your levels tested. There are many labs where you can get this test done. You will have to get your free testosterone levels checked.

Some natural ways of increasing the levels of testosterone are:

  • Supplements – Increase the intake of vitamin D3 in your diet. You also need to increase the intake of fish oil of high quality.D-aspartic acid is also known to help increase the levels of testosterone.
  • Do not consume soy products – Soy mimics estrogen because it has phytonutrients. It is important to lessen the levels of estrogen and thus one should avoid soy products.
  • Avoid plastic containers – It is important that you do not use plastic containers to warm and store food. The plastic containers contain chemical materials that mimic the estrogen. When you store and warm up the food in the plastic containers this chemicals entry our food.

These are some simple ways that can help you to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Tips for Skin Care Success

When you are getting older, it signifies that you need to take care of skin more intensely than ever before. A lot of women out there forget how their skin grows old too along with them. It needs their attention, love, and pampering more than ever. If you delay it very long then you might have to go for some sort of spa or facial treatment to bring about that quality which was there while you were young. Following a basic skin care routine is what is required which could keep the shine and strength on your skin.

The three magic steps for healthy skin:

I follow 3 simple techniques to take care of my skin but follow it religiously. All that a skin needs is basic care and it will exhibit the quality of a healthy skin. I follow a cleansing section post which I use a scrub followed by a deep moisturizer and this is how I take care of my skin. Now there is not a single day I miss any of these steps. If I do not have the time to do the detailed steps I still make sure I apply a lot of moisturizers followed by a good night cream every night before I hit the bed.

Quick tips:

This routine is fool proof and has worked as a miracle on my skin. If you have dark circles under your eyes, all you need to do is apply the under eye cream every night and you would see a visible difference in your skin. Even the bags that keep forming under your eyes will vanish if you keep applying the cream every day religiously. Drinking water well helps in keeping the young skin. A healthy diet devoid of sugar and oily substances ensures your skin is always clear of acne or pimples which are the cause of worry for many women.

Quality Matters

When you are out shopping for that perfect outfit for the party, what do you look for? Jus the clothes? Shoes? What about the bag that you are going to carry. This bag can make or break your outfit and hence is very important. One must spend equal time and efforts to find the perfect bag for the clothing too.

Apart from the looks and the style, one must consider the quality of the bag too. No one wants to spend too much on a bag that is going to split in the seams when you carry it with a little extra stuff, for that party. Nor does anyone want to spend on a bag that is not going to last long. ysl bags are really high quality and is a worthy investment for those who are looking for quality and style in bags.

Here are some of the things to look out for to ensure you are investing in a good quality bag:

  • Always check the brand name on the bag. See if it is visible and looks authentic. There is no point in spending a lot of money on a bag where the brand name is not visible.
  • If you are buying your bag from the brand’s outlet, there is nothing much to worry. However, if you are buying it in a multi brand outlet or online from non authentic outlets, beware of replicas.
  • Check the zips to ensure they are functioning properly. This is one spot that may get missed out when the bags are being produced in bulk
  • Different materials offer different appearances. Opt for a classy looking material that is not too shiny or flimsy, so that it will last long and you can carry it with any outfit, be it for the day or night.

Investing in a good quality bag is very essential if you want to look in style at all times.

Top 4 Easiest Towns for NYC Commuters

Do you work in the city but not sure you can afford the high prices? While there are five boroughs within commuting distance of the city, the cost of living isn’t exactly affordable for many.

That is why more people are looking towards the suburbs and smaller cities within the public transit. Here are the top four easiest towns for NYC commuters.

Yonkers, New York

Nearly 25% of the population of Yonkers use public transit for their daily commute. As the second highest rate of public transit users, Yonkers is just less than thirty minutes away from Queens or Brooklyn. As more residential developments continue to soar, the numbers of resident commuters will only increase.

New Rochelle, New York

As the small town with a skyline, you can see the Queens from far away. The 40-story Trump Plaza is what sticks out of the city’s skyline. The downtown area spans around eight blocks and is expected to grow within the new coming years.

The city of New Rochelle also works to keep the residents entertained as the area provides nature preserves and beaches. There is also a walkable street filled with restaurants and retail center.

Maplewood, New Jersey

If you’re ever looking for the most walkable suburb in the country, Maplewood would be it. The town is the most pedestrian-friendly part of North Jersey as the sidewalks are accessible along with bike lanes to enjoy. Maplewood also provides a useable bus to connect to the town’s transit station downtown for a mere $100 a year.

Stamford, Connecticut

The seaside city of Stamford is less than an hour away from the Grand Central Terminal by express train. One of the many projects includes a network of arrows for bikers to remind drivers to share the road. In fact, many residents, including David Martin, the city’s mayor are working hard to evolve Stamford into a better walking and biking infrastructure.


With the high-rate prices of New York City, these top four towns are ideal for city commuters looking to grab fresh air on the weekends.

How to Get Around in New York City

Want to get around NYC? There are so many options for the daily commuter as New York is filled with subways, buses, cars, taxis, ferries, and even trams. Here’s how to get around in New York City.

If your destination is too far to walk, check out the local transit. New York’s rail and bus system is inexpensive and eco-friendly for travelers. It is also an excellent way to see the city sights. The system operates all day, every day. It is accessible for all passengers with disabilities.


Subways are by far the fastest way to travel around the city. While you can use the system to transfer from bus to subway, this does not apply to those who leave the station.


The public bus system offers an excellent way to tour the city and reach destinations that are not able through subways. The mass transit is also central to NYC’s efforts to becoming more eco-friendly as more buses are hybrid-electric model-types.

Roosevelt Island Tram

Using the city’s Metro Card, you can ride the Roosevelt Island tram to get a better view of the Midtown East in Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. The tram first started in the early 1990s and had continued to carry passengers to the island.


The iconic yellow taxicabs of New York are a favorite choice of transportation for those with tired feet, bulky items or only rather commute comfortably. Taxis are available 24 hours a day and accept both cash and credit cards.

You can usually find a quick taxi with the help of a hotel doorman but expect to provide a generous tip. The metered fare starts at merely $2.50. The price will increase every minute, depending on the speed.


There are other ways to get around New York City. From riding a car, bike or even walking are great options. Don’t forget – you can also travel by Pedi cab or even a helicopter if needed.

Guide to Riding the Public Bus in New York City

Still unsure of how to ride a public bus in New York City? In this guide, we will help you learn all you need to know to get through town through the public commute. You will find many white and blue buses that operate in the city with over 14,000 stops in five boroughs. Nearly every block has one of those stops, so you are sure to find one.

Here’s our guide to riding the public bus in New York City.

Check Where the Buses Stop

Most bus stops have an accurate guide map, which is a rectangular box that displays the entire route of the bus. You will also find schedules as the local courses are designated by a letter with a number. Regarding New York, routes with the letter M mainly operate in Manhattan, while B is for Brooklyn, S is for Staten Island, Q is for Queens, and BX is for the Bronx.

However, some stops serve more than one bus route. In fact, routes marked with an X stand for express routes. Be sure to check out the guide-a-ride map to make sure that your bus will stop there. Buses will display their route number and often offer limited stops services. These types of limited stops are usually at major crossings, attractions, and transfer points.

Board the Public Bus

Once you have determined the particular route, wait until the bus arrives. The bus will come to a kneel and tilt down toward the curb to make passengers board easier. If you still have questions about your transportation, all you have to do is ask the bus driver.

Pay the Fare

The fair box will be located in the front of the bus as you board. Be sure to have the exact change as bus operators do not accept bills or pennies. A better alternative is to purchase a Metro Card at the subway station to remove the hassle of looking for a change. Children below 44 inches will also be able to ride the bus for free.


You can also transfer between buses with intersecting routes for free. All you had to do is request a transfer ticket from the bus driver once you pay the fare. Be sure to give the transfer to the driver when you catch the connecting bus.

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