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How to Get Around in New York City

Want to get around NYC? There are so many options for the daily commuter as New York is filled with subways, buses, cars, taxis, ferries, and even trams. Here’s how to get around in New York City.

If your destination is too far to walk, check out the local transit. New York’s rail and bus system is inexpensive and eco-friendly for travelers. It is also an excellent way to see the city sights. The system operates all day, every day. It is accessible for all passengers with disabilities.


Subways are by far the fastest way to travel around the city. While you can use the system to transfer from bus to subway, this does not apply to those who leave the station.


The public bus system offers an excellent way to tour the city and reach destinations that are not able through subways. The mass transit is also central to NYC’s efforts to becoming more eco-friendly as more buses are hybrid-electric model-types.

Roosevelt Island Tram

Using the city’s Metro Card, you can ride the Roosevelt Island tram to get a better view of the Midtown East in Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. The tram first started in the early 1990s and had continued to carry passengers to the island.


The iconic yellow taxicabs of New York are a favorite choice of transportation for those with tired feet, bulky items or only rather commute comfortably. Taxis are available 24 hours a day and accept both cash and credit cards.

You can usually find a quick taxi with the help of a hotel doorman but expect to provide a generous tip. The metered fare starts at merely $2.50. The price will increase every minute, depending on the speed.


There are other ways to get around New York City. From riding a car, bike or even walking are great options. Don’t forget – you can also travel by Pedi cab or even a helicopter if needed.

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