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Top 4 Easiest Towns for NYC Commuters

Do you work in the city but not sure you can afford the high prices? While there are five boroughs within commuting distance of the city, the cost of living isn’t exactly affordable for many.

That is why more people are looking towards the suburbs and smaller cities within the public transit. Here are the top four easiest towns for NYC commuters.

Yonkers, New York

Nearly 25% of the population of Yonkers use public transit for their daily commute. As the second highest rate of public transit users, Yonkers is just less than thirty minutes away from Queens or Brooklyn. As more residential developments continue to soar, the numbers of resident commuters will only increase.

New Rochelle, New York

As the small town with a skyline, you can see the Queens from far away. The 40-story Trump Plaza is what sticks out of the city’s skyline. The downtown area spans around eight blocks and is expected to grow within the new coming years.

The city of New Rochelle also works to keep the residents entertained as the area provides nature preserves and beaches. There is also a walkable street filled with restaurants and retail center.

Maplewood, New Jersey

If you’re ever looking for the most walkable suburb in the country, Maplewood would be it. The town is the most pedestrian-friendly part of North Jersey as the sidewalks are accessible along with bike lanes to enjoy. Maplewood also provides a useable bus to connect to the town’s transit station downtown for a mere $100 a year.

Stamford, Connecticut

The seaside city of Stamford is less than an hour away from the Grand Central Terminal by express train. One of the many projects includes a network of arrows for bikers to remind drivers to share the road. In fact, many residents, including David Martin, the city’s mayor are working hard to evolve Stamford into a better walking and biking infrastructure.


With the high-rate prices of New York City, these top four towns are ideal for city commuters looking to grab fresh air on the weekends.

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